Movable solar panels could substantially improve buildings’ energy efficiency, AI poker bot is first to beat the pros at six-player Texas hold’em and the seven best books about the Apollo Moon landings.

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Poker players around a table in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

An artificial intelligence (AI) system called Pluribus has beaten top human professionals at six-player no-limit Texas hold’em poker, the most popular variant of the game. It is the first time that an AI program has won against elite human players at a game with more than two players.

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Reference: Science paper

Construction of the controversial Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) is set to resume in Hawaii next week after a four-year delay. The project has faced legal challenges and protests over its site on Mauna Kea, a mountain sacred to Native Hawaiians that is already home to 13 astronomical observatories.

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A ‘smart’ building facade equipped with movable solar panels could substantially improve buildings’ energy efficiency. A prototype that automatically adjusted the panel orientation to optimize electricity generation, passive heating, shading and daylight penetration generated up to 50% more energy than a static system.

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Reference: Nature Energy paper

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After experiencing anxiety during her PhD, occupational therapist Sarah Masefield discovered how helpful a vibrant and supportive postgraduate research community can be. She explains how PhD students’ knowledge can and should be harnessed to help others who are beginning their postgraduate journey.

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On this week’s Nature Podcast, planetary-science reporter Alex Witze explores the latest US plans to land people on the Moon by 2024, the history of the Apollo missions and what’s next for lunar exploration.

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From delightfully nerdy histories of engineering to surveys of social issues back on Earth, Alexandra Witze savours seven books commemorating the 50th anniversary of the lunar landings.

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Barbara Kiser’s pick of the top five science books to read this week includes America’s first rocket man, the rise of cryptocurrencies, and artificial intelligence reconsidered.

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Indian residents get water from a community well in Chennai after reservoirs for the city ran dry

Residents in the drought-struck city of Chennai in India draw water from a community well. A delayed monsoon in June saw the country’s sixth-largest city struggle through a water crisis, with reservoirs drying up and residents queuing for hours to get water from government tankers.

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